We have every inch of your kitchen covered

Granite Transformations Epsom has revamped many local kitchens, incorporating personal tastes and styles. Together we can help your kitchen dreams come alive and revitalise your home to become your ideal home.

By renovating your kitchen you are not just investing in the way you use and live in your home but you are also investing in the future as a new kitchen will put added value onto your home, if or when you come to sell your property.

Our design team can help you realise your kitchen dream and offer solutions to any design problems which may occur. Bright recycled glass tiles can instantly revitalise a neutral kitchen it give it a pop of colour. It can also be a cost effective attribute, to give your kitchen a striking feature.

  • Add an edge to the kitchen

    Our kitchen worktops are purposely made thin in order to fit on top of your existing work surface. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t supply thicker worktops of required. We can also produce square edged work surfaces or a waterfall edge to suit your design style.

  • Lighter than you’d expect

    We manufacture our worktops to be light for various reasons. One being that we are able to fit our countertops on top of your original worktop, without compromising the distribution of weight regarding the cupboards below. The second is to make the installation process quick and easy so we are able to be in and out within a day, causing minimal disruption.

    There are some kitchen companies who prefer to instal a kitchen across various days, at Granite Transformations Epsom we would rather fit a kitchen with minimal disruption to your family life. We are able to do this due to our lightweight worktops and detailed design process.

  • High performance is standard

    As we supply our work surfaces with a Lifetime Limited Warranty we know their performance is of a high standard, we guarantee it!  We include a high grade polyester in the design of our worktops, this increases the performance of our products by giving it unrivalled strength and durability. This inclusion of high grade polyester ensures that repeated pressure and usage to the work surfaces do not compromise the quality and performance of the counter top.